Quarantine Map


The exceptional situation we are currently experiencing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic shapes the patterns of everyday lives. We aim to capture and analyze spatial behavior of individuals in the times of anti-epidemic measures, quarantine and social distancing. Sharing your experience can help us understand the ways in which people cope with the pandemic.

Complete the Questionnaire


We need some data to analyze the situation. The coronavirus pandemic emergency brings many changes and limitations to the lives of most of us, changing our daily routines, paths and habits. The Quarantine Map Questionnaire seeks to capture the basic patterns of individual spatial behavior in the period prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and to compare them with those during the times of emergency measures. We want to understand the changes in the geographic scope and structuring of the everyday routines under exceptional conditions.

Privacy Issues

In the questionnaire, you enter an approximate location of your daily places using 250 x 250 m cells of the raster grid (no need of exact coordinates). You do not attach any characteristics to the selected cells - we do not need to know whether they include the place of a residence, work or a favorite restaurant. The data collected will be used exclusively in aggregate form. Individual data will never be released and reported.

Team of Authors

The questionnaire was created by the team of Altimapo, a spin-off of Masaryk University, in cooperation with Brno City Municipality. The application is built on the square raster grid used by BrnoUrbanGrid project of metropolitan statistics. Please send your questions and comments to altimapo@altimapo.cz.